Free Domains For Your Apps

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Step 1: Pick a domain name

This will be the domain name that your friends and family will be putting into the browser to visit your website.


    Step 3: Deploy!

    3a: Go into the downloaded folder
    git clone ... from step 2 would have downloaded a folder. Go into it.
    If your url was, then you should type: cd
    3b: Initialize your project
    Initialize your project with the following command. A new file (package.json) will be created for you.
    npm init -y
    3c: Create a simple javascript file
    Create a file. For example, app.js
    Put the following code into it. This just sends back "hello" with every request
    const express = require('express')
    const app = express()
    app.get('/', (req, res) => {
    app.listen(process.env.PORT || 8123);
    3d: Install dependencies
    The code above uses a library called express. You need to install it and save this dependency to package.json.
    npm i --save express
    3e: Tell MyProxy Server how to run your app
    Under the "scripts" section of package.json file, tell us how to run your app.
    "scripts": {
      "start": "node app.js",
    3f: Save and push!
    Add all files to git: git add .
    Save your changes git commit -m "add my first app"
    Push! git push origin master
    4. Celebrate
    Tell all your friends about your new website!

    Video Overview

    The video below shows you how to deploy your apps after setting up your SSH Key. The contents may contain more information than the steps above because they are taken from the MyProxy site, but it should be enough to help you understand each steps.